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About Us

This is an on-going pilot project started in August 2014 through a collaboration between the Department of Pharmacy and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore. This project aims to create an e-health/m-health system prototype which utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies to aid patients in managing their medications and improving their medication adherence.

Electronic Health

E-health is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health.

Mobile Health

M-health is an abbreviation for mobile health, a term used for the practice of medicine and public health supported by mobile devices.

Near Field Communication

NFC is a technology that enables smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other at a short range.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech is a form of speech synthesis that converts text into spoken voice output.

MedFC has 3 applications


MedFC Web Application and MedFC NFC Application for the Clinicians


MedFC Patient Application for the Patients

How it works


Clinician will use MedFC Web Application to search and prescribe medications to the patient.


Clinician uses MedFC NFC Application to encode medication and patient information into the NFC tag.


Clinician uses MedFC NFC Application to encode medication and patient information into the NFC tag.

NFC Medication packaging


The encoded NFC tag is then placed into the patient's medication packaging.

For Patients

MedFC Patient Application aims to improve patients' medication adherence.

MedFC Patient Application

Able to identify the medications by tapping the medicine packaging with the phone via NFC and Text to Speech.


Able to manage their own medications schedule conveniently.


Reminding patients to consume the right medications at the right time.

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For Clinicians

Responsive web design which allows clinicians to use the application on multiple devices. Clinicians are able to monitor patients' medication adherene and download MedFC NFC Application from MedFC Web Application.


The Team

Asst. Prof. Justin Pang

Project Leader

Mr. Reico Ng

Java and Android Developer

Mr. Poh Huan Yu

Web and Android Developer

Mr. Yosua Susanto

Java and Android Developer

Our Partners


Our collaborators

Asst. Prof. Lita Chew

Head, Department of Pharmacy, National Cancer Centre Singapore
Chief Pharmacist, Ministry of Health, Singapore
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore

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